Local Culture Guardians

Community, recognition and resilience.

If you walk slowly in any city, in any neighborhood, and with the senses attentive, you will perceive them. A guardian is one who protects and preserves something. The one who resists the changes of time, the ephemeral occupations of his/her territory, the high prices of globalization. A Local Culture Guardian is that talented person for a art and for her/his community. It’s the lady who lives down the street and everyone knows she makes the best Pastéis de Nata in the area. It is the painter, who even tho is already famous, decides to remain in his neighborhood and give classes of arts for the kids. They are the ones who keep and guarantee the permanence of cultural and ancestral practices in their territories. They are those, that sometimes, in our speed of tourism, we do not find, we do not see, we do not share with.

Beyonder.ME invites you to a closer look, a slower and more sinuous walk. To a new way of traveling and learning. From beyond knowing, being part, doing together.

Only in this way we believe that our ancestry and culture are not lost: through the people who keep them.