What is Beyonder.ME?

Beyonder.ME is a social business acting in Brazil and in Portugal with the mission to catalyse Local Cultural Guardians – or guarantee that talented people keep generating impact in their territories.

Who are the Local Cultural Guardians?

They are talented people, who have practical experience and are known and recognised in their territories for that (streets, neighbourhoods, communities, etc). We reach out our Cultural Guardians through a careful and local mapping and face-to-face meetings.

How can I schedule a experience with a Local Cultural Guardian?

You must choose the experiences that interest you the most through the platform, select the number of participants (be aware of the experience description and the indicated limit) and proceed with the payment through the basket. After payment, we will contact you to confirm your purchase and the details of your experience.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in Portugal +351 926 607 594 or via hey@beyonder.me. Have fun, learn and experience!

What kind of training does the Guardians receive?

The Guardians training is a face-to-face meeting, based on a methodology created by Beyonder.ME where we generate community and develop dynamics of self-knowledge to planning, dynamics of collective wisdom and practical information. After the training, we personally meet each of the guardians to align expectations and details of each experience offered. The Guardians are part of a local network of Guardians and are encouraged to carry out projects together with their neighbors, as well as supported in all their dreams to carry out projects of impact in their territories.

Who created Beyonder.ME?

This is a project led by 2 young Brazilian entrepreneurs, with active and constant collaboration of guardians, partners and enthusiasts. To know more access “About Us”

I do not speak Portuguese, can I request translation?

Some Guardians can offer the experiences in different languages, it is possible to request, temporarily free translation in the experiences of Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon according to availability of the translator. Send us an email to ask about at: hey@beyonder.me

How is payment made?

All payments are made through credit and debit card directly through the platform through the Stripe payment system.
You can better understand our policies on Payments and Pricing and Cancellations and Refunds

What are the fees associated with the service?

The collection of 25% of the total value per purchase through the platform is intended to pay charges for the Stripe platform, card operators and for the operation and maintenance of the platform itself. In addition, the collection of 23% of the value of each purchase of Value Added Tax (VAT), a Portuguese tax that covers services is added.

How can I be a Guardian?

We work primarily by empowering territories, whereby our operations are currently limited to the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and to Mouraria in Lisbon (Portugal). We grow according to local interests and active Guardians in their territories. Please contact us if you are interested in taking Beyonder.ME to your region!

Why Beyonder.ME does not exist in other regions and cities?

We work with the authenticity of each territory and its own time. We believe that this is the only way we can ensure resilient, strong and sustainable communities. It is necessary to arrive slowly, to understand the local dynamics and processes, to perceive the adversities and mainly: to be welcomed. We are a social business with local and territorial performance and for this, we need to respect and honor the spaces. We want to soon be in new corners of the world, but for now, our love story is right here.

How much time do I have to schedule an experience?

Our ideal margin is 1 week, but as we are also travelers, we know that this time is too long, so we have experiences in which you can schedule even on one day in advance. In some others you will need up to 3 days in advance. We always seek to meet the needs and comfort of our Guardians to offer you the best learning experience possible.

Can I cancel an experience?

Yes you can. Visit the Cancellation and Refunds page to learn more about this.