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Our mission is to catalyze guardians of local culture and see the changes in the port region as an opportunity to value this ancestral culture and strengthen the residents, only in this way, we believe that our ancestry and culture will not be lost through the people who keep them.

Therefore, and with great caution, care and respect that the territory deserves, we began the mapping of local guardians in this region where we were well received by old and new residents. We offer an opportunity to maintain and generate extra income for super talented people and offer travelers the unique opportunity to learn something in an effective and practical way.

Through this platform, you can learn a little more about who these Local Culture Guardians are, what kind of experiences they can provide and schedule yours, along with friends or your family.

You can learn to cook with Dona Luiza, you can learn to graph with Kaleb, produce a movie theater with Fatinha, dance with the Urban Effect group, mosaic with the Cosmonaut, stencils with Thiago, play capoeira with Professor Flavio and even learning how to make caipirinhas with Robson.

Each of these people has a unique history with the region and its trade. It’s a “borogodó” that you could only find here, we guarantee!

It is not for nothing that it is right here that begins our love story: The Port Region of Rio de Janeiro

Schedule your experience, learn from local people;)